Sustainable Salon

Did you know that Hair Salons in Australia contribute 2million Kilos of waste to the dump every year?

At Halo Hair Studio, we have an aim to be a zero waste salon! Currently we rescue 95% of our used Salon resources, and instead of sending them to landfill, we use a private enterprise that helps us recycle them!

By implementing $2.00 fee to each client visit, we are able to make huge difference to our impact on our earth! We are talking about recycling all the usual products such as glass, paper and plastic- but ALSO the ones a generic council rubbish disposal company cannot recycle.

Usually destined for Landfill, we can recycle the following:

  • Coffee Cups

  • Glad Wrap

  • Aluminum Foil

  • Hair clippings

  • Aluminum Tint Tubes

We even send our left over chemicals to a facility that breaks down and separates the Chemicals from the Water, and the water is reused as 100% drinkable water, that is then sold to the government to use on our roads and community building projects!

All of the proceeds from the paper and aluminum recycling go directly to OzHarvest, to feed those in need! We are talking about funding more than 2,000 meals a month!!

All the hair collected in salon, is used to soak up oil spills in global waters! By creating a 1 meter boom, the hair can soak up 4 litres of oil from the ocean- and then be cleaned and reused!

By visiting Halo, you too can help reduce the impact your hair salon service has on the environment, and for that, the team here at Halo thank you!